Waiting for what?

We, humans of effy, are ready! As the first step in our storytelling, we are going to share all the problems and experiences you are bound to face in your daily life. Especially if you are a tech startup, this blog series is going to be very pertinent to you.

At effy, we aim at inculcating an innate love towards our culture, which has been our key driver for our success.

Three levels of culture

We are conscious of the three levels of organizational culture and are carefully working towards improving it every day, in order to create a happier workplace and also thereby solving our business problems.

Source: Organisational Culture Model - Edgar Schein

Basing this as the cultural framework, we are driving our technology startup. We will be sharing our success stories, hard lessons and delightful experiences, which we believe should be super interesting and quite fruitful to you.

- arrivederci